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Happy to announce some of the K’s & Beads new items here.

K’s & Beads uses a traditional Japanese material called mizuhiki to make modern style earrings (click here for more information). The present series has been designed to go with a party dress.

Using a Japanese material for a Western-style jewelry is a good challenge for me as a creator. It is my hope that women will enjoy these fresh-look designs.

Why is mizuhiki good for a party-scene jewelry?

As Mizuhiki is made from rice paper, it is very light. So, even large statement earrings can be so light that you will hardly feel them when wearing.

Mizuhiki is of various colors and has certain suppleness, which allows for varieties of designs that may differ from metal wires and other cords types.

These party dress earrings are first showcased when K’s & Beads shared a booth with Vivat Veritas the other day.

Now, these earrings are available on line.

The shop page is currently in Japanese only. If you need assistance or have any question, you can contact me from the inquiry page).

ピンクのシャンデリアピアス(チタン)/ Pink chandelier earrings (titanium)
ハートモチーフのシャンデリア・イヤリング(パープル)/ Heart-motif chandelier earrings (clip-on type/purple)
ブラック x ゴールドカラーのシャンデリアピアス(チタン)/black & gold chandelier earrings (titanium)
パープルのスワールピアス(イヤリングへ交換可)/ Purple swirl earrings
スワールピアスのカラーバリエーション / Swirl earrings in different colors
ドレスにぴったりなタッセルピアス(チタン)(ホワイト)/ White tussle earrings (titanium)
ドレスにぴったりなタッセルピアスのカラーバリエーション / Tussel earrings in different colors