Be Creative! – Layered Necklaces


You see layered necklaces more often these days. Whether on websites or at storefronts, I’m sure they look gorgeous.

But you don’t really have to buy special necklaces. Try looking through your collection of jewelry. You may be amazed to see how old necklaces you’ve forgotten about will shine as a fresh item.

The best way is to just try wearing them in different combinations and find your own style. You may already have enough items to layer or may have to buy something new. Either way, it is helpful to know the rough length of each necklace.

To give a general idea of necklace lengths, I would like to show examples using some of the necklaces of Frosted Pastel, a sea glass jewelry shop.

Last but not least, I’d like to give special thanks to Jack Durner Photography


Example 1


Outer layer: 46 cm or 18.1 inches (item used)

Middle layer: 40 cm or  15.7 inches

Inner layer: 36 cm or  14.2 inches


Example 2


Outer layer: 44 cm or  17.3 inches (item used)

Middle layer: 37 cm or  14.6 inches (item used)

Inner layer: 34 cm or  13.4 inches (item used)


Example 3


Outer layer: 48 cm or  18.9 inches (item used)

Inner layer: 35 cm or   13.8 inches (item used)

Example 4


Outer layer: 110 cm or 43.3 inches (item used)

Middle layer: 62 cm or 24.4 inches (item used)

Inner layer: 40 cm or 15.7 inches (item used)

Example 5


Outer layer: 43 cm or 16.2 inches (item used) * This item is originally 38 cm- (15 inch-) long, but it is adjustable.

Inner layer: 38 cm or 15 inches (item used)


In case you are looking for a set of pre-layered necklaces, Frosted Pastel offers some such items.

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