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K’s & Beads ~ 水引ピアス ~


[English follows Japanese]


『水引 = 和』という域を超えたオリジナルのデザインにより、和の世界とモダンファッションを調和させています。


K’s & Beadsの水引ピアスにご興味のある方は、ショップページからご購入いただけます。


K’s & Beadsオリジナルデザインの新作ピアス(チタン)

K’s & Beads offers handmade earrings made of mizuhiki cords.

Mizuhiki, which is made of washi paper, has a great advantage of its lightness. While using such a traditional Japanese material, its earrings are designed to fit everyday clothes.

Creating out-of-the-box designs, K’s & Beads blends traditional and modern Japanese styles.

Currently, product descriptions on the K’s & Beads shop page are in Japanese. For any assistance in English, you can contact me from the inquiry page.

K’s & Beads often joins handicraft events around Tokyo. Event information will be posted on this blog and Facebook.

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