Koh Samui_Updates from 6 Months Ago


I was looking forward to going to Koh Samui. One of the things I enjoy there is eating. This time, however, a couple of restaurants disappointed me. Their quality was no longer what I expected in the past (they were fine at least until six months ago).


The biggest bummer was Tandoori Nights.


Obviously they now have a different chef. Flavor, texture, and appearance are all so different from before.

The following pictures of Aloo Gobhi, which was my favorite, show the difference between last summer and this time.

The picture on top [(1) August 2017] shows Aloo Gobhi I had last summer.

The picture on bottom [(2) March 2018] also shows Aloo Gobhi but the one I ate this spring.

(1) August 2017
(2) March 2018

These two look totally different things. The cauliflower in the curry I had recently lacked a crispy texture, which you can see even from the picture.

The flavor is another thing. I didn’t find any grilled flavor in the cauliflower this time.

My boyfriend was eating Chicken Jalfrezi. That wasn’t rich at all, like before. It used to have mix of lots of flavors apparently coming from simmering long hours.

I wouldn’t say the restaurant is terrible but the difference from the past is too much. It was outstanding before.

It’s just disappointing to me. We used to go there often whenever were we in Lamai, Koh Samui, but not anymore.


Another disappointment was The Hut Cafe.

I saw the same couple working there so I’m not sure if the chefs are different or they now use different materials. Either way, I’ve found the quality is not as good as before.

Coconut shake, which used to be very creamy, was kind of watery this time.

The red curry used to be thick and have a kick of herbs and other spices, but this time, I thought it lacked both.

Not only that, something that almost looks like green curry came. We asked the waitress, and then the guy who had been working there long, but with confidence, he said it’s red curry.

The picture on top [(1) August 2017] shows Red Curry I had last summer.

The picture on bottom [(2) March 2018] also shows Red Curry but the one I ate this spring.

(1) August 2017
(2) March 2018

Even from the pictures, the one I had recently doesn’t look like red curry to me. These two look quite different.

The one I had last year even had cream on top. Flavor was not as deep as before.

What I mean is, this place became just an average restaurant – nothing different from many other places in Thailand. We may still go there if were are nearby, but otherwise it may not be worth the time.


Other places in Lamai I recommend in my blogs last year are still good as expected! Since I’ve already written about them, I’m just listing the links here.

Sri Naun


Cozy Corner

Bear Cocktails

We found some other places we like, which I will write in the future.