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Frosted Pastelでは、シーグラスを使用したハンドメイドアクセサリーを取り扱っています。


Frosted Pastelの商品にご興味ある方は、ショップページからご購入いただけます。



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FrostedPastel logo _blue

Frosted Pastel offers handmade sea glass jewelry.

Sea glass used for the currently available items was found in Matsue (Shimane), Izu (Shizuoka), Nanki-shirahama (Wakayama), Hagi (Yamaguchi), Miura (Kanagawa), and Hakodate/Esashi (Hokkaido) in Japan, and Hawaii, and Koh Samui (Thailand), except for the rare colors, such as red and yellow, which I purchased from outside Japan.

Currently, product descriptions on the Frosted Pastel shop page are in Japanese. For any assistance in English, you can contact me from the inquiry page.

Frosted Pastel sometimes joins handicraft events around Tokyo. Event information will be posted on this blog and Facebook.

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Be Creative – Layered Necklaces