Choshi, Chiba, Fall 2018

We made another trip to Choshi (Chiba, Japan) this year. Here, I wrote about the hotel we stayed at this time.

[Inubosaki Hotel]

The place we stayed at this time is Inubosaki Hotel.
It was an affordable price I think – less than 9,000 yen per person per night including breakfast and dinner.
The location is good, especially for those who don’t have a car. It’s only about a five-minute walk from Inubo Station and the lighthouse is also within a walking distance.
At the hotel entrance, we saw a bus stop for the service to and from Tokyo or Hamamatsucho stations.
We chose a Japanese-style tatami room with ocean view. There are a table and chairs by the windows. Sitting by the windows, we could tell the hotel is relatively old but it didn’t really bother us and at least it didn’t affect our stay.
There is an ocean view pool outside if anyone’s interested.
Breakfast is in a buffet style, kind of like the ordinary thing that you often see in Japan – combination of Japanese food and western food.
In case you are not familiar with accommodations in Japan, ‘western’ style breakfast in Japan may not be exactly what you expect in terms of appearance and taste.
The first night dinner was a Japanese course. The picture below shows some dishes of the course.
Photo 2018-09-14 8 03 02
For the second night, they let us choose from another Japanese course with different things or a Chinese course, which we chose the latter. The following picture shows the starter of that course.
The service was fine and overall we had a good impression of the hotel.
This place is probably perfect for those who are looking for a place in Inubosaki near the ocean and prefer to have breakfast and dinner included in the package.
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