Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya by Train (Second Class)


The focus of this trip was to try using trains for transportation. The first of such occasions was from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya. We used a second class train for this.

First we had to pick up the tickets at the hotel (Bossotel) in front of the Chiang Mai station. After that, we took a half-hour break at this hotel lobby. The toilet facilities there are clean by the way.

Then, we went to the platform half an hour earlier just in case.

Chiang Mai was the starting station of our train, so it was on time (8:50AM).

Inside the train
Inside the train/車内

The train was air conditioned and relatively clean. Except, we found a roach killer on a floor and actually a tiny roach.

Roach killer on the floor / 床で見つかったゴキブリホイホイ

Soon after the departure, soft drink and then cookies were served. Some hours later, lunch and snack came. In Japan, we have to pay for food and drink on trains but these things were included in the train ticket – in a way, it’s kind of like an airplane service.

I have to be honest though – the lunch sucked. I touched a bit of each food but couldn’t finish. Seven Eleven frozen foods are much better as a comparison.

The snack or cream-filled bun looked pretty much similar to what we can get at a convenient store (although I didn’t eat it).

Either way, we were glad that we brought in our own snacks – dried fruits and nuts, etc.

The train ride itself was relaxing. It was nice to just sit down and see things through windows – something we can’t do on an airplane.

I think it took us about 11 hours or so to get to Ayutthaya station.