Beautiful Skin & Freelance Life


For the last several years, I tend to hear people telling me that I have beautiful skin. Strangely, my skin conditions were terrible 20 years ago. What gives?

The current freelance lifestyle seems to be the key.

Here’s how my lifestyle has changed from twenty years ago when I worked for a company.


Sleeping hours

I used to sleep only 2 to 3 hours a day and now it is 5 to 7 hours (I know this may not be long enough but it’s definitely longer than before).


Working hours

As an employee, I worked 7 to 10 hours a day, and during busy seasons, I even had to work 15 hours a day.

Now as a freelancer, my average daily working hours is 3. If I’m busy, I may work 7 hours a day but that’s it.


Eating habit

I often used to skip breakfast and just have a coffee in the morning, and eat out for lunch and dinner. If not eating out, then ready-made food from a convenience store was mostly the choice.

Now, I have breakfast everyday at home. For lunch, I still eat out but sometimes eat at home. For dinner, I (or my boyfriend) cook most of the times.


Soft drinks

Basically most soft drink I had in the office was coffee. Given my working hours back then, I don’t know how much coffee I consumed a day. Sometimes I even stepped out and got grande size frappuccino twice a day.

Now I still enjoy a large size coffee in the morning – if I go to Starbucks, I get a grande or venti size, but no more than that. In the afternoon all I have is water (except for a cup of tea I sometimes have).  I almost never drink anything sweet.



I still drink a lot, but back then, it was worse – I had whatever the amount and whatever type of liquor available.

Now, I have about half a bottle of wine with dinner. Before that, I sometimes have a cocktail or a glass of beer.



I used to go to gym twice or three times a week when I had time, which is not that bad. But now it is more consistent – I make sure to spare time for going to gym at least five times a week.


Makeup foundation

Going to office, I wore makeup foundation everyday. I used to use foaming cleanser but I often dozed off without washing the face.

Now I almost never wear makeup foundation. Even if I don’t use foundation, I use sheet-type makeup remover (I don’t use soap) in the morning and before going to bed.



30 minutes during rush hours – I’m talking about Tokyo rush hours.

No commute at all.


Other things

Whenever I got sleepy in the office, I kept on drinking coffee.

Now, if I get sleepy, I just take a nap. Sometimes I start cleaning the apartment, doing the dishes, or do some craft work for a change.


I’ve found an article (6 Lifestyle changes to promote super-healthy skin) that relates to this topic.

It is obvious that I have less stress because of the current freelance lifestyle (no commute, less working hours, more sleeping hours, and more exercise time). Also, current eating habit and drinking of water seem to be helping too.

Lifestyle is a big deal for good skin conditions, and at least for me, being a freelancer makes it possible to have such a positive lifestyle.