Ayutthaya_Bicycle Tour (50 Baht/Day)


We rented bicycles in Ayutthaya and found it was a great way to tour around the town.

As I wrote in my previous travelog, we went to Ayutthaya by train. The driver of the tuk-tuk we took from the Ayutthaya station to the hotel offered a one-day chartered tour. We had to say no because we hadn’t really looked at any details of spots and had no idea of where to visit at that point.

Right after that, we checked in the hotel (Silp Pa Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya) and found the sign saying 50 baht for 24-hour bicycle rental.

Also, the hotel staff told us that the famous Wat Mahathat is just within a walking distance, and other spots are not really far apart from one another.

So, we decided to rent bicycles for a day.

The day went by like this:


* Wat Mahathat: We went there just to check the opening time. Internet information may not be always correct and in fact, the opening time on that day was 30 minutes earlier than what was indicated on the website.

* Went back to the hotel for a breakfast

* Wat Mahathat

* Wat Ratchaburana

* After that, we went to Wat Nah Phramen, but left without going in. There were many people and we thought maybe we could skip.

* Wat Thammikarat: We happened to find this place and stopped by.

* Lunch

* Went back to the hotel to take an hour-break. It was too hot to go on cycling.

* Wat Chaiwatanaram: Here, we saw a group of Thai women (about 30 people) wearing a traditional dress, and talked to some of them. They said that they came from Bangkok by bus and that it’s popular to learn Thai culture and history. After that, I asked a local friend, and learnt it is because of a TV show called Buppae Sannivas (ref.), which is very popular now. Anyway, there were so many people – both locals and foreigners.

* Wat Lokayasutharam (temple of the reclining Buddha)

* Two spots in public spaces: We just happened to find them and don’t even know if there is any name.

* Dinner: Went to a food stand for a dinner before going back to the hotel.