Choshi, Chiba, Spring 2019

千葉県銚子/Choshi, Chiba

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The place we stayed at this time is Inubosaki Kanko Hotel.

One of the features of this hotel seems to be the ocean view from all the guest rooms, which was very nice.

Looking at the building, this appeared to be an old hotel but the interior seemed to have been refurbished.

The staff was friendly and seemed to be well-trained.

The difference I found from the other hotels in this area is its effort to give more comfortable atmosphere in the common areas, such as the sea view deck (see the top picture of this travelog) with an access to the beach.

What they could improve is their awareness to privacy. They seem to follow the old Japanese practice, which is not anymore in Tokyo. At the door of each guest room, they put a plate of a guest name. This may be a minor issue but I should at least mention it here, in case anyone cares.

Now, dinner is a separate issue from our actual stay, but I have to say we are not happy about it at all.

Since our plan didn’t include dinner, it was of course an additional expense for us. We paid like 2,500-3,000 yen just for a steak but the meat quality was very poor (and it was small even for me).

I understand that the hotel expects “all” the guests to eat local food (fish and other seafood), and I’m sure the course menu with such seafood would be great, but there was almost no choice for those who choose not to or cannot eat it.

Because of this dinner experience, which is not even included in our plan, our impression of this hotel became lower.

We paid about 16,000 yen for the stay (per night per person with breakfast). The traditional Japanese breakfast itself was fine. It was served at table, as opposed to all-you-can-eat style that many hotels in Japan use. But, honestly speaking, I would pay 10,000 to 11,000 yen for this (one night per person with breakfast)  and rather feel too pricey if it’s more than that.

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