Koh Samui - Spring 2019

Lamai Buri Resort

Lamai Buri Resort

[English follows Japanese]

今回の旅行で2週間滞在したのはLamai Buri Resortで、Villa(離れの部屋)を利用しました。



ホテルには、リングロード(4169)とHad Lamai Rd.の二つの入口がありますが、Had Lamai Rd.側から一般向けのビーチアクセス(Ammatara Pura Pool Villaの横)へは徒歩圏内で、私達も水着を着たまま歩いて何度も行きました。





また私達は、日曜以外は毎日、すぐそばにあるLamai Muaythai Campへ行っていたので、かなり好都合な場所でした。大きなスーパーのMakroへもバイクなら2~3分です。




* これまでにもサムイ島の旅行記を書いているのでもしよかったらご覧ください。

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Koh Samui – Spring 2019

We stayed at Lamai Buri Resort for two weeks. The room we chose is a villa (inc. breakfast).

As you can see from any maps, this hotel does not have direct access to Lamai Beach, but that was not really a matter to us. There are two entrances to Lamai Buri Resort – one on the ring road (4169) side and the other on the Had Lamai Rd. side. From the Had Lamai Rd. side entrance to a public beach access (on one side of Ammatara Pura Pool Villa)  is within a walking distance (The picture below shows the entrance area of Ammantara,  which we passed to go to the beach).

The villa has a porch, off course, and we enjoyed a pre-breakfast coffee and pre-dinner drinks everyday.

In front of the porch is a hotel garden (see picture below).

From the restaurant and pool, there is a slight view of Lamai Beach.

It was very convenient for us because we took a Muay Thai training everyday except for Sundays. Also, Makro, a big supermarket, is only a 2-3 minute-motorbike ride.

One thing they could improve is that they probably need someone to help our luggage. There are stairs between the room and the reception area. The lady at the reception tried to help us but it wasn’t enough.  I know it’s not a big resort hotel, but at all the budget hotels we stayed in this area in the past, I remember at least one male staff (other than a receptionist) helped our luggage.

Anyway, that may be a minor thing, and overall I’m actually happy about the stay itself. With this price, we used a villa, breakfast comes with the plan, and staff is all friendly and seems to be trained well. In the past, we experienced some problems as to facility such as shower and WiFi, but at this hotel, we didn’t have any such problem.

As to the hotels we stayed in the past, I would like to talk about it in the next blog.

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