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Pothong Silver

Pothong Silver

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本格派ハンドメイドのシルバージュエリーを扱うPothong Silver。このお店は私達2人とも気に入っていて、昨年も今回も何かしら購入しています。


地図では出てこないのですが、Baanlamom Thaifoodというレストランの前にあります(以下ショップの写真)。




ところで、昨年チェンマイでも3-4件のシルバージュエリーショップへ行きましたが、どのお店もチェーンのスタイルに独自性を感じませんでした。でも、このPothong Silverでは、特に男性用のネックレスやブレスレットにもできる太めチェーンも比較的多くあります。また、タイで良く見かける仏陀のペンダントヘッドももちろん揃えています。



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Koh Samui – Spring 2019

Pothong Silver, a handmade silver jewelry shop (see picture below), is about 10-min motorbike ride from Lamai. It is in front of a restaurant called Baanlamom Thaifood (

We both like their items and actually bought some last year and this time as well.

The cover picture shows a shell necklace I got this time. Unlike many shell necklaces I’ve seen at street stands in Samui, this off course is made of silver and has a unique design (as far as  I’ve seen).

A local couple are working there at Pothong Silver, who  both seem to be involved in designing and making jewelry. You can see them working behind the showcases.

Since these creators are there at the shop, it is very different from commonly-seen silver jewelry shops that look like a brand goods store and only have sales staff (who are not a designer or a creator). They are very flexible in terms of customers’ requests.

My boyfriend bought a bracelet this time (see picture below), which matches very well with the necklace he got last year. They adjusted the length etc. in 10 minutes –  both necklace (last time) and bracelet (this time).

We’ve been to 3-4 silver jewelry shops in Changmai last year, but didn’t find many necklace/bracelet chains with an original design. As far as I see, Pothong Silver has more varieties including male jewelry like this.

They have Buddha pendant heads as well, which we bought as a souvenir last year.

I really respect them and appreciate the value of their work – totally different from souvenir or jewelry shops you often see on busy streets in Chaweng and Lamai.

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