Koh Samui - Spring 2019

Bang Por Seafood Restaurant

[English follows Japanese]



人が少なくてとてもリラックスできるBang Poビーチにある比較的大きなシーフードレストランです。








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Koh Samui – Spring 2019

We went to this restaurant a couple of years ago. Now I’m like, why I didn’t write about it. It’s a very nice place.

Being on the quiet Bang Po beach, we can sit down and enjoy the view (see picture below).

Of course, it is not just about the atmosphere. There are many selections of fresh seafood and other Thai food.

One of the dishes we ordered and enjoyed this time is prawns with garlic (see picture below).

Very tasty! Crunchy garlic bits perfectly match the fresh tender prawns.

While I know this is a seafood restaurant, we ordered non-seafood dishes as well.

One of them is sweet and sour pork (see picture below).

Unlike the sweet and sour pork I know (Japanese style), no or little vinegar seems to be used. Instead, acidity seems to come from fruits and vegetables, such as pineapple, tomato and cucumber – I guess it is an authentic Thai food. This dish has all sorts of delicate natural flavours (as opposed to strong tastes of vinegar and sugar).

Highly recommended for those who want to relax on a beach and enjoy a meal and a view.

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