Choshi, Chiba, Winter 2018

千葉県銚子: お土産編/Chiba, Choshi: Local Products

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* 以前、銚子電鉄について書いたことがありますので、よかったからご覧ください。: 千葉県銚子 ー 銚子電鉄のお話/Choshi, Chiba – Choshi Dentetsu

















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Choshi, Chiba 2018

Choshi, Chiba, Fall 2018


Choshi, Chiba – Souvenir Ideas

In December, we went to Choshi again, this time for one week from December 4, and we had plenty of time to explore the area.

During this trip, we found a couple of local products that are unique to Choshi.

Here, I focus on things that I thought would be interesting, instead of what seem to be already popular (such as nuresembei (wet rice crackers) and mazui bo (foul-tasting snack*)).

* I found an article about this foul-tasting snack: Struggling railway in Chiba launches ‘foul-tasting’ snack to boost revenue (the Japan Times). Also, I wrote about Choshi Dentetsu or Choshi Electric Railway before: 千葉県銚子 ー 銚子電鉄のお話/Choshi, Chiba – Choshi Dentetsu

Seaweeds by Hayafune

First of all, this is not for people who don’t care for seaweeds. But if you are willing to try something new, stop by this shop, Hayafune.

I would call it a ‘savory agar jelly’ with lots of seaweeds in it (this seaweed seems to be called Chondrus elata).

One of the suggested ways of serving it is with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes.

It is a healthy food with full of minerals. Maybe also good for those on a diet.

Honestly, I’ve never seen this kind of food before. So I bought one package for myself, and then another for my parents. They said they enjoyed it with vinegrated miso.

One thing is that it is good for only one week because no preservative is used in it.

Also remember that it is available for limited time only (October to early May).

Kome No Mi (DIY rice crackers)

Do-it-yourself rice crackers made from Choshi rice.

The selling point, I think, is that all you have to do is to microwave them.

We happened to find this product at a recently-opened galley cafe Yuseimaru.

We bought two packages as gifts because it was right before we went to the U.S.

Remember not to place many pieces on a microwave plate at a time, which we did and some of them were uncooked in one minute.

The instructions say you can cook about 10 pieces at a time (microwave 600W; 1 minute). You can also deep-fry them. Either way, you will need salt or other flavors to add the finishing touch.


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