Choshi, Chiba 2018

千葉県銚子/Choshi, Chiba 2018

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1. ホテルサンライズ銚子(前回のレビューをご覧ください)

2. 銚子プラザホテル

3. ホテルサンサニー(前回のレビューをご覧ください)



We went to a photowalk in Choshi, Chiba on May 20 to 21, 2018. Here, I would like to write about the hotel we stayed at this time – it’s an addition to the hotel reviews in my past travelog. Note that the picture above is just an image I took during the trip and has nothing to do with the hotel. I just forgot to take pictures of the hotel.



<Choshi Plaza Hotel>

The reason we decided to stay at Choshi Plaza Hotel this time is that we were not able to book Hotel Sunrise Choshi, which I said good things about. These two are both very close from the Choshi station.

On Rakuten Travel, it was slightly cheaper than Hotel Sunrise Choshi.

Again, Choshi Plaza Hotel is at a great location – two minute-straight-walk from the Choshi station and it’s hard to get lost.

When we checked in, I got worried a bit. The lobby has this Showa-atmosphere – old style I must say. The smell probably coming from cleaning or something was also noticeable.

The room itself, however, was surprisingly clean and new. Same way as Hotel Sunrise Choshi, it appeared to have been renovated recently.

There is one thing I should mention. It was a non-smoking room, but the pillow I was using had a slight cigarette smell. Probably, those working in the linen room were smoking. Either way, this was a bit of a bummer.


Now, together with my past reviews, I would like to rank the three hotels around the Choshi station.

1. Hotel Sunrise Chose (See my past reviews)

2. Choshi Plaza Hotel

3. Hotel Sunsunny (See my past reviews)