Thailand - Spring 2018

Koh Samui_Flat Tire/バイクのトラブル

[English follows Japanese]


昨年の旅行ではオーバーヒートした話(Koh Samui – Jungle Route 360)を書いた。











When it comes to renting a motorbike, potential troubles may be a concern. Fortunately, we haven’t had any serious traffic accident, but small things did happen.

Last year, I wrote about an overheating problem (Koh Samui – Jungle Route 360).

This year, we had a flat tire.

When we were turning at a corner, there was an explosive noise. We stopped but didn’t find any visual problem at that time, so continued on driving for maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Gradually, we were getting a bumpy feeling. As suspected, it was a tire blowout.

We messaged the place we rented the bike from but couldn’t get a hold of anybody. It was a bit too far to ride any longer or to walk back to the hotel.

In the meantime, a bike just passed by and then turned back to us. We told the driver about the flat tire. Then, this local person mentioned that there is a repair shop not far from there and gave me a ride, while my boy friend was slowly driving behind us.

In about a minute, we saw a repair shop. He explained our problem to the repairer and left right away. We only had a second to thank him.

The repairer found a small metal piece from the tire. In addition to fixing it, he inflated the other tire as well.

We rented this bike very cheap (100 baht/day) through a friend, and didn’t even have an insurance, so were kind of worried about the fee. However, it was only 250 baht!

Come to think about it, given that bike is a common transportation means in town, it is not a surprise that we see many repair shops and it doesn’t cost that much.

Anyway, we truly appreciate that Thai person who helped us.