Thailand - Spring 2018

Koh Samui_The Road Less Travelled (Nathon)

[English follows Japanese]


場所は、NathonのTescoからroute 4161を北に3〜5分歩いたところの左側にある。





The Road Less Travelled is a coffee shop in Nathon, which is about 3- to 5-minute walk on route 4161 from Tesco to north. It opened only half a year ago when we visited.

Our friends, who recently moved in Koh Samui, recommended this place when we asked for suggestions of good coffee shops.

Interior is more like a bar, and they do serve cocktails as well. In addition to coffee and cocktails, they have healthy meals on the menu.

Looking at other customers, it was tempting to have a cocktail but we decided not to as we had to go back to the hotel by bike. Next time though, if we stay in the area, or if we take a boat from Nathon Pier, we would probably go there to spend some relaxing time.