Thailand - Spring 2018

Koh Samui – Lamai Food Court

[English follows Japanese]


Lamai Food CourtはLamai Night Plazaのすぐそばにある。広場に屋台がいっぱい並んでるのですぐ分かると思う。







ところで、フードコートの席は埋まってて座れないこともある。そんなとき、前にも話したBear Cocktailsに持って行って、カクテルを飲みながら食べたこともあった。



There are two reasons we went back to Lamai Food Court – to get inexpensive quick food and enjoy the Thai food stand atmosphere; and to get to-go food for a dinner on beach or hotel balcony.

Lamai Food Court is near Lamai Night Plaza, next to Family Mart.

One of the stands we like and went back several times is the shop that sells grilled seafood and deep fried chicken/pork/meat. It’s the second or third stand on the left side from the entrance.

The cover picture of this blog shows chicken and salad from there.

The upper left picture above shows the front of that stand.

The amount of salad is generous. One serving is enough for two people, at least for us.

Other than this stand, there are places that sell soup noodles (upper right picture above), curries, snd pizza to name a few.

These are all inexpensive. Not just that, it is fun to be in the atmosphere that’s totally different from what we can enjoy in restaurants.

One thing is that all the seats may be taken sometimes. At such time, we brought in food to Bear Cocktails and ate there, and of course over cocktails and while enjoying chatting with other people.