Thailand - Spring 2018

Koh Samui – Lamai Fresh Food Market

[English follows Japanese]

前回の旅行ではLamai Fresh Food Marketまで行ってみてみたものの、特に何も買わなかった。朝食付きのホテルに泊まっていたことや、ただ単に他のことで忙しかったからだ。


まずは、フレッシュフルーツ。Tesco Lotusでヨーグルト、グルノーラ、使い捨ての食器類を買い、このLamai Fresh Food Marketで各種フルーツを買ってきて、朝食にしていた。





During the previous trip, we went to Lamai Fresh Food Market but didn’t really buy anything, simply because we were busy doing other things. Also we were staying at a B & B.

This time, we found it very convenient. We were staying at a hotel without breakfast, and fresh fruit was a big part of our breakfast (We got yogurt, granola, and disposable dishes at Tesco Lotus nearby). This, instead of eating out everyday, ended up a healthy meal.

There are of course other things, like vegetables, meat, fish, curries, and sweets, among which we enjoyed boxed lunch (see pictures above). It was only about 40 baht. Sometimes we just wanted to relax at the hotel balcony, so lunch like this was perfect. We got beer from a convenient store to go with it 🙂

Friends of ours, who live in Koh Samui, seem to go there everyday for fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, curry mix and spice seem to be much much cheaper than other places in town.