Thailand - Spring 2018

Ayutthaya to Koh Samui: 1. Second Class Train/アユタヤからサムイ島へ: 1. 2等列車

[English follows Japanese]

~『チェンマイ → アユタヤ(&ロッブリー)–> サムイ島』を鉄道で移動する旅 ~







何はともあれ、1時間半程度でHua Lamphong Railway Stationに到着。電車の中で予約したUberが直ぐに来たので、渋滞はあったもののエアポート近郊のホテル(At Residence Suvarnabhumi)へも問題なく到着した。


After Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya (& Lop Buri), we went to Koh Samui.

Our original plan was to use train, bus and ferry to get to Koh Samui from Ayutthaya, but the first class sleeper train tickets of the day we wanted were all sold out.

So we decided to take a second class train to Bangkok, and stay one night there, and then fly to Koh Samui next morning.

Last time when we took a second class train (click here for more story), it was relatively a comfortable ride.

This wasn’t the case this time. It was more like a tourist rush hour train. The train left Ayutthaya early evening and it was probably the perfect timing for many people who were making a one-day trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya to go back to Bangkok.

Those with apparently no reserved seat ticket were rushing onto the train and were standing around reserved seats. And then, we had large pieces of luggage. It wasn’t easy for us to get to the seats.

We could have chosen a different time.

Either way, it took us only about 90 minutes to get to Hua Lamphong Railway Station. Uber came right away, and we got to a hotel (At Residence Suvarnabhumi) near the airport with no problem. Except the traffic was bad.

Will write about the hotel in the next blog!