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Ayutthaya_Local Train to Lop Buri / アユタヤからロッブリ―までのローカル電車での旅

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車内には、以下の写真のように、僧侶の優先席(Reserve for Monks and Novicesと書いてある)があって、ロープで線引きしてあった。それ以外は自由席のようなので空いてる所に座った。







これ以外の電車の旅のブログはこちら: 『チェンマイからアユタヤへの電車(2等)での旅

We took a train from Ayutthaya to Lop Buri, as I mentioned in my previous blog “Ayutthaya_One Day Trip to Lop Buri.”

It was a local train, which doesn’t require reservation.

One day before, we asked hotel staff to check the timetable.

Then, in the morning, we asked them to call a tuk-tuk so we can get to the Ayutthaya station about 15 minutes before our train leaves.

At the station, we just went to the ticket booth. I think it was around 20 baht per person.

The above picture shows inside of the train. You can see priority seats for monks (there is a sign saying “Reserve for Monks and Novices”), which is delineated with a rope. Otherwise, we could choose whichever seat we’d like.

On the second class train we took from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya, we saw train staff giving out food and drinks like flight attendants. Different from that, on this local train, local people were selling fruits and other food. Lot of sellers were coming and going on the train.

Also, that second class train was quiet and had many tourists, while this local train gave me a feeling as if we were in a bustling town with streets lined with many shops.

There was no air-conditioner and windows were fully open. But it was nice to get fresh air.

Another thing is that we were able to see small stations that may otherwise be ignored if we were on a first- or second-class train.

It took us less than an hour from Ayutthaya to Lop Buri.

As to what we did in Lop Buri, see this blog.

We bought return tickets at the Ayutthaya station. These tickets costed us over 600 bahts for two people.

The blog about the second class train mentioned above can be found here: “Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya by Train (Second Class).”

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