Thailand - Spring 2018

Chiang Mai_Baan Hanibah

[English follows Japanese]

チェンマイではBaan HanibahというB&Bに宿泊した。結構よかったと思う。オールドシティにあるので、どこへ行くにも便利。にもかかわらず、大通りに面していないのでとても静か。






We stayed at Baan Hanibah and are quite happy about this bed & breakfast.

Being within the old city, it is of course very convenient. Yet it is quiet because it’s not on a main road.

Regarding the room, we first had a first floor room and were bothered by the noise from the second floor so asked for another room. They were very quick to respond to our request. The new room we got is on the first floor but is in a building separate from the main one and there is no room above us. Also, there is a common area for two rooms (to be clear, there’s a common area for the previous room as well), which has a fridge, a desk, a chair, a couch, a pot, coffee cups, cookies, and instant coffee (we brought ground coffee etc. so we didn’t touch it though). Luckily, there was no one staying next to us, so basically we occupied this space. Additionally, I was extra happy that there are mosquito screens in the common space, and a mosquito net around the bed.

Breakfast is served in a cute garden (see left picture). It is a simple buffet style (basics like breads, yogurt, fruits etc.) but they cook eggs and bacon etc. depending on the guests’ choice. Coffee served at breakfast is prepared with a french press.

One night, while we were chatting with one of the staff, we happened to mention Chiang Mai sausages. We didn’t mean to make a food request but this conversation appeared to have been taken as a request, and two days later, they prepared Chiang Mai sausages in the buffet.

Reception staff seems to be well-educated and -trained, and speak good English, and of course they are friendly.

All in all, we really enjoyed the stay at this homey place.