Thailand - Spring 2018

Chiang Mai_Lila Thai Massage

[English follows Japanese]


Lila Thai Massage – こちらは、滞在していたホテルの方から聞いたおすすめマッサージ店。





I’m sure there are many good massage places in town but would like to share the place we went back a couple of times during our stay in Chiang Mai.

Lila Thai Massage – one of the staff at the hotel we stayed at recommended this place.

I was kind of thinking that she might have given us info of a luxurious-looking spa that would cost several thousand baths an hour. But it was not. Foot massage and foot/head/shoulders massage are both 250/hour.

The overall shop atmosphere is much nicer than other massage places – they have changing rooms, clean toilets, lockers, and other things; staff is organized; and it is quiet (they ask customers not to use a cell phone for example).

Most importantly, massage skills are excellent. Although it depends on who the masseuse is, I’m quite happy with all the three who gave me a massage.

Among the several shops, we went to the Ratchadamnoen one.