Thailand - Spring 2018

Chiang Mai_House of Photography / Cafe’ De Museum

[English follows Japanese]

街の散策中にたまたまHouse of Photographyにでくわした。




ところで、House of Photography の横にCafe’ De Museumというカフェがあり、展示を見たあとここで休憩した。


We happened to find the House of Photography while strolling the city.

The exhibition that was going on during the time we went to was photography by several faculty members at Chiang Mai University – in various categories depending on their specialty and the project they worked on.

We are lucky to see these stunning works of local professionals. It’s not a big place but we enjoyed the exhibit. This particular exhibition was only for a couple of months and it was free.

Looking at the website, they don’t seem to have updated information on current exhibition. You could contact them for information or just stop by anyway because it’s at a convenient location.

After we enjoyed the art, we took a break at Cafe’ De Museum, right next to the House of Photography.

Spacious interior and wood furniture add a relaxing feel to this coffee shop. Outside space looked nice too. If you want somewhere quiet, it’s a good place to go.