Thailand - Spring 2018

Chiang Mai_Bicycle coffee stand / 自転車カフェ

[English follows Japanese]

チェンマイ1日目は、駅(Chiang Mai Railway Station)からオールドタウンに向かって散歩した。通った道は、Charienmuang RoadとThapae Roadで基本的にまっすぐ歩いた。

Nawarat bridgeから1ブロック歩いた、Thapae RoadとKampaeng Roadの交差点に自転車カフェを見つけた。






On the first day in Chiang Mai, we walked from Chiang Mai Railway Station toward the old town along the Charienmuang Road and then the Thapae Road.

Just one block from the Nawarat bridge, at the corner of the Thapae Road and the Kampaeng Road, we found a bicycle coffee stand.

I’ve found it a very cute setting, kind of like a modern street scene.

Among some choices, we ordered iced coffee – slightly sweetened Thai-style iced cafe latte. It was good because it wasn’t too sweet.

People working there are chatting with friends who are hanging around in the shop area and they all look happy. This gave a happy atmosphere there. I enjoyed this half-hour break.

Maybe it’s a trendy version of a food stand that really fits a newer generation (as opposed to traditional Thai style food stands)?

I’m not sure if they are always at that same location, which we could have asked.