Choshi, Chiba 2017

千葉県銚子 ー 銚子電鉄のお話/Choshi, Chiba – Choshi Dentetsu


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Anyone who has come to Choshi would have taken a Choshi Dentetsu train, a two-car train that runs a single line between Choshi station and Togawa station.

It has an old style – we can’t use Pasmo, and train staff comes to punch a ticket. Certainly a distinctive scene we rarely see nowadays.

During the trip, we happened to chat with a train driver. While we were talking, we found out he is actually the president of Choshi Dentetsu.

He said he himself has to drive because the company is in deficit. The only reason it still stays in business is that they sell nuresembei or soft rice crackers. He looked sad.

I google-searched later on to see what he said is true. A lot of news hit regarding this train company being in deficit. In my previous blog, I wrote hotel reviews. One of the hotels, Hotel New Daishin seems to help promote Choshi Dentetsu on their website.

Every time we take this train, we see some seasonal decoration such as Valentine and Halloween. Their website also shows they are making other efforts as well.

Given the fact we see abandoned hotels, restaurants, private houses (see pictures below) in this area, the number of residents and tourists must to be very small, and we can see why business is tough. I hope this train survives though. Without it, it would become much harder to get around the area.

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