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サムイ島~ムエタイトレーニング / Koh Samui – Muay Thai practice


[English follows Japanese]


そこで、私も初めてLamai Muay Thai Campのプライベートレッスンを受けてみることにした。このジムでは英語を話せるタイの方が指導してくれる。







I have never tried Muay Thai before. I thought it would be only for those interested in martial arts. However, I’ve noticed that some people are practicing Muay Thai as an exercise or for losing weight, while others are simply interested in trying it because they are in Thailand. Even kids are enjoying the practice.

Now, for the first time ever, I decided to try. I took private lessons at Lamai Muay Thai Camp. This gym has English-speaking Thai trainers.

I took three one-hour private lessons. Here, I’d like to share my experience as a beginner.

First, I put on leg protectors, and the trainer wrapped a bandage on my hands. He showed me the basic stance.

Then, I learned basic punching and kicking skills such as straight punch, elbow, hook, uppercut, spinning elbow, side kick, and front kick. I practiced kicks and punches lightly to the trainer’s hands.

After that, I put on gloves, while the trainer put on a belly protector and held punch mitts. Then I practiced the same movements – this time, a bit harder to the protector and mitts.

Core muscle is a must because we have to come back to the original stance after each movement. Otherwise, stable posture is not possible or we cannot go back to the original stance.

Repetition of these movements is a similar feeling as when we do boxercise. Except it requires much more energy for sure. Not only that, crunches and push-ups during the lesson will help improve muscle strength.

Further, we need to be quick and responsive – both mentally and physically – as we have to move right after trainer’s words such as uppercut right and elbow right.

The lesson ended with stretch and crunches. It was a good one-hour exercise. Even a complete beginner like me was able to enjoy it.

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