Koh Samui - Summer 2017 · Travelog

Koh Samui – Cozy Corner (Lamai)

[English follows Japanese]

メインストリート(Had Lamai Rd.)と、そこから大通り4169へ向かう道の角に、Cozy Cornerという小さなお店がある。ぎっちりと並んだリキュールの見えるカウンターと小さなテーブルエリアがある屋台に近い感じの所だ。



At the corner of the main street (Had Lamai Rd.) and the street that leads to the road 4169, there is a fast food joint, Cozy Corner. You see closely lined up liquor bottles behind the bar counter. There is also a small table area.

Cozy Corner provides relatively inexpensive hamburgers, hot dogs, and other light meals. They prepare foods in front of you (if you are sitting at the counter) and dishes are served hot.

What I like the most about this place is the location. It is at a corner that has constant traffic of bike riders etc. – locals and tourists alike. It is fun to just sit down and watch passers-by while having beer and snacks. It’s a good place to stop by when you have a little bit of time.