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Koh Samui – The Hut Cafe (Bophut)

This blog was written in summer 2017. See updated story in April 2018.




[English follows Japanese]

去年と2年前は、ラマイの他にBophut(日本語ではボプットと言うらしいですが、タイの人も英語を話す人もみんなボップーかボープーって感じですね。。。)にも滞在した。その時に毎日のように行っていたバーのオーナーから教えてもらったレストラン、The Hut Cafeをご紹介したい。Bophut地域で一番のお気に入りのお店だ。






Two years ago and last year, we stayed in Bophut in addition to Lamai. During those stays, an owner of a bar we went to almost every day recommended this restaurant. The Hut Cafe is our favorite place in Bophut.

The other day, when we were nearby, we stopped by the restaurant.

First thing I ordered is strawberry shake and my boyfriend, coconut shake (see picture below). Their coconut shake is very creamy and rich!

Then we ordered prawn spring rolls, phat thai, and red curry (see picture below).

Hut’s red curry has an outstanding balance between rich coconut cream and lime leaves etc. Chicken is another thing. Their curry has tender, juicy sliced chicken. Combination of such slices and creamy curry is more than you can imagine.

Restaurants, bars, and shops in Bophut tend to be more expensive than other areas in Koh Samui. Even so, Hut dishes are inexpensive and foods are all good! It’s no mystery that, during dinner hours, it’s sometimes difficult to get in without reservation!


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