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Koh Samui – Bear Cocktails (Lamai)

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以前、Bear Cocktailsについてふれたので、もう少し詳しく書きたい。すでにtripadvisorでラマイナイトライフのNo. 1になっている場所だ。






In my past blog, I mentioned Bear Cocktails. Now I’d like to talk about it more. It ranks the first in tripadvisor Nightlife in Lamai Beach.

A friend we met in Lamai first took us there. Now, we are regulars, going there almost everyday (if we include our purchase of to-go cocktails).

Bear Cocktails is an outdoor bar with a stall for Bear and her sister Lek to make cocktails and a table area.

Not to mention the cocktails they make are good, the charm of this bar is Bear and Lek. They create an atmosphere where anyone can talk with new people – a perfect place to meet and chat with other tourists as well as locals. It is such a homey space for anyone – whether they are Koh Samui repeaters, couples, family groups, or other travelers.

An additional point to mention is that they can prepare drinks to go. This is perfect when you want to relax over a cocktail at a hotel balcony or on a beach.

What I like among the selections are Margarita and Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri.

To-go cocktails

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