Koh Samui - Summer 2017 · Travelog

Koh Samui – Cocktails (Lamai)

[English follows Japanese]




結局このバーの後は、きちんとアルコールの入ったドリンクを飲みにBear Cocktailsに行くことになった。

Just about a 5-minute walk from Lamai Night Plaza toward Chawen, there is a bar called Cocktails.

We spotted a sign saying cocktails are 70 bahts so decided to have some drinks. Decorated with Hollywood movie characters, the bar seemed to be very popular. Staff was friendly. I ordered lychee margarita and cosmopolitan, and my boyfriend ordered two glasses of mango margarita. They were all served in a relatively large cocktail glass. The presentation was nice.

However, after having those cocktails, we agreed on one thing – we get what we paid for! There was almost no alcohol in them.

After that, we went to Bear Cocktails to have real drinks lol