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Koh Samui – Overlap Stone

Overlap Stone

[English follows Japanese]

2年前は、様々なウェブサイトに書いてあるアドバイス (ほとんどが4WDで行くよう言っています) をすべて無視して、Snake Stone Pagodaの周辺から徒歩で登っていきました。私たちは毎日ジムでエクセサイズをしていて体力はありますが、あの猛暑の中でたくさんの荷物を持って急な上り坂を登るのはかなりキツく時間もかかりました。そのとき、ハイキング中に横を通ったある観光客は750ccのバイクで登ろうとしていましたが、あまりの急坂で登り切れず倒れてしまい、そのまま坂を引きずられていってしまい、私のパートナーが救助してなんとか助かったのです。それほどの急坂です。


さて、Overlap Stoneの入口は民家の一部。そして、石の周りには柵などありません。怖いですが、そこに座って眺める景色は最高です! ここに行く人はあんまりいないみたいですが、時間があれば是非お勧めのスポットです。

Two years ago, we walked from around Snake Stone Pagoda to Overlap Stone, ignoring all sorts of advice you may find online (most of them suggest going there by 4WD). Although we are regular gym goers and relatively fit, it was a hard hike and took us long time to complete this steep way. We were both carrying a large bag and as you can imagine, it was hot. During our hike, we saw another tourist. He was on a 750cc bike but fell and was kind of sliding down with the bike on him. My boyfriend had to save him. That’s how steep it is.

This time, we just rode a bike (125cc). As compared to the hike, it was much much quicker and easier but still a slow ride. The way back was pretty scary though. There is no guardrail, fence or whatsoever.

To get to the Overlap Stone, we have to go through a local people’s property I think. There’s no fence around the Overlap Stone but we can feel free to walk around or sit down on the rock. Stanning view of the island! I’ve heard not so many tourists go there, but those who have enough time and appreciate great view and nature may want to see this.




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