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Koh Samui – Will Wait Full Service Apartment (Lamai)

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8月1日にWill Wait Full Service Apartmentにチェックインしてから、あっという間に1ヶ月が経ってしまった。過去のブログでもふれたとおり、ホテルについてもう少し書きたい。





ラマイのメインストリート(Had Lamai Rd.)の中でも比較的端にあるため、夜はバーやレストランの音があまり聞こえず静か。うるさいと眠れないような人にはちょうど良い立地だと思う。

It’s been already one month since we checked in Will Wait Full Service Apartment on August 1. As I mentioned in my past blog, I’d like to write about it more.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the hotel including breakfast, staff, and service (Remember, I’m not talking about a 5-star hotel).

As I mentioned before, the street-level restaurant is very nice (except for pasta). Breakfast, which is included in the package, is particularly good. Bread they serve is freshly baked on the second floor every morning. What I like among all is yellowish croissant. It is very buttery and filling. My favorite breakfast is fruits pancake (see picture below). It has a good combination of crisp pancake and tropical fruits.

All the staff is well trained and nice. We asked them various questions and requests during the one-month stay, but they handled them relatively quickly and with a smile. Being a small accommodation with six rooms in total, it even gave a homey atmosphere.

The only issue I should mention is shower water pressure. It is much lower than other hotels we’ve stayed in Koh Samui. They did try to solve the problem soon, but it was rare to have good water pressure. However, water pressure tends to be one of the disadvantages of this island, and maybe we have to live with it. Also, the staff is always so friendly that we ended up not being bothered by water pressure.

Will Wait is located relatively close to the end of the main street (Had Lamai Rd.), and late at night, it’s rare to hear loud music and bustle from bars and restaurants in the center area. It is probably an ideal location for those who have trouble in sleeping.

Will Wait Full Service Apartment
Will Wait Full Service Apartment


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