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Koh Samui – Sri Naun (Lamai)

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そんな中、ラマイエリアで2日に1回くらい行くようになったのはSri Naun。一見してどこにでもあるようなお店だけど、良心的な値段で美味しい家庭風料理を提供してくれる。





Thai food restaurants are everywhere without mentioning. But finding a favorite one is another story. There are many elements that distinguish one place from another such as price, taste, and atmosphere. Being inexpensive is not always great if you are not happy with foods.

Among many to choose, we ended up going to Sri Naun quite often, like every other day. This may look like an ordinary restaurant but they serve tasty home-style dishes for generous prices.

My favorite among all is Fried Basil (see picture below). A good amount of crunchy basil is on top of a choice of meat mixed with vegetables. Spices give a good finishing touch.

Sri Naun’s green curry has generous amount of sliced Thai eggplant (round eggplant with the size/shape of a ping-pong ball), snow peas, and string beans.

Interestingly, if we want to have a cocktail that is not on the menu, they can order that from the bar in front of the restaurant – a win-win service I must say.

The restaurant is located closer to the end of the main street in the Lamai beach area, where not so many people pass by. Even so, they seem to bring customers well – both lunch hours and dinner hours. One of the must-go restaurants in the Lamai area.

Fried Basil (chicken)

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