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Koh Samui – Making a coffee in my way or Thai way!?

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Starbucks in Azabujuban, Tokyo (Japan) opens at 6:30am, and Starbucks in Santa Fe, NM (U.S.) opens at 5am. Given these, coffee shops around Lamai beach open late, like 8am or 9am. We decided to make a coffee on our own. As I mentioned before, most coffee available at shops like TESCO are instant, so we went to Starbucks in Chaweng to buy some coffee beans. We were able to find filters as well but had no luck finding a dripper. We didn’t want to buy a coffee maker just for one month-trip. The alternative we came up with is this (see pictures) – kitchen sink net LOL Pretty happy that we were able to make a coffee.

I started to work at 6:30am at hotel balcony.

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