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Koh Samui – Tandoori Nights (Lamai)

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サムイ島ラマイビーチエリアのメインストリート(Pongponrat Rd.とHad Lamai Rd.)にはインド料理店が(私の知る限りで)少なくとも3件はある。中でも滞在中に何度も行った、おすすめのお店Tandoori Nightsをご紹介したい。


カレーの種類はかなり多いので全部食べることは1カ月の旅行を数回しただけでは無理。それでも私が食べたものはどれも『具だくさん』で『かなりコク・深みがある』。いったい何時間煮込んだんだろう? と思うほどまろやかな風味があり、まるでシチューのよう。

特にお気に入りなのはAloo Gobhi(カリフラワーとポテトの入ったカレー。以下の写真)。カリフラワーにはグリルしたとても香ばしい風味があり、それでいてシャキシャキ感がきちんと保たれている。本当においしい! もう一つ好きな、サグパニール(以下の写真の緑の方)は、他の店とは比べ物にならないほどのリッチな味わい!

チキンの入ったカレーだけでも何種類もあり、チキンの調理の仕方によって様々なカレーを楽しめる。例えばChicken Jalfreziなど、とにかくまろやか。




(後の旅行の際に、上記ブログの意見が変わったので以下もご覧ください: Koh Samui_Updates from 6 Months Ago / サムイ島_6ヶ月前との違い

This blog was written in summer 2017. See updated story in April 2018.

There are at least three Indian food restaurants I know of on the main street in the Lamai beach area (Pongponrat Rd. and Had Lamai Rd.). The one place I really recommend is Tandoori Nights, which we’ve been to quite often during this and past trips.

As far as I see, the restaurant tends to be almost full after 8pm. Probably they have many regulars – some customers don’t even look at the menu at the entrance and just get in.

Given the number of dishes they have on the menu, it’s impossible to try everything during a month-trip or two. Leaving that aside, all the curries we’ve had have a sufficient amount of ingredients and deep flavor. They are very rich and always make us wonder how long they have been cooked  – they are like stews!

The dish I like the most so far is Aloo Gobhi (curry with cauliflowers and potatoes; see picture below). Cauliflowers have very nice grilled flavor and still keep the crispness as well. Very tasty! Another dish I enjoy is Saag Paneer (see picture below; the green one).

Chicken Jalfrezi is also very rich and stew-like! Remember there are many kinds – even just curries with chicken. If you ask the staff, they will explain how chicken is prepared – whether it is grilled first and added to a pan or cooked in a pan with other ingredients.

I enjoy this restaurant so much – taste, amount, and service are all great!

(After I wrote the above blog, we made another trip to Samui. I now have a different opinion about this restaurant. Click the following for details: Koh Samui_Updates from 6 Months Ago)

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