Koh Samui_1st Class Sleeper Back to Bangkok

As I mentioned before, we tried to use train as much as possible during this trip.

The last of such occasion was first class sleeper from Koh Samui to Bangkok, after which was our flight back to Tokyo.

Of course, we had to take a high speed ferry and a bus before the train. We booked all the tickets at once but the connection timing was not that great.


[1. Hotel to Nathon]

Right after we checked out the hotel, we took a cab to Nathon. As the driver said, Lamai (east coast) was very sunny but there was a terrible storm in Nathon. An umbrella didn’t work at all even just one meter from the car to the entrance.

Despite our concerns as to departure – and then in turn, possibility of missing a train and even a flight -, the storm calmed down around departure (12:45).


[2. High Speed Ferry from Nathon to Surat Thani]

There was a little bit delay (not because of the weather but because it arrived Nathon late). Once the ferry came, boarding started right away.

We carried in our own bags. Suitcases and other large bags had to be placed on the deck, over which large blue sheets were covered. Relatively smaller bags were placed inside.

There was not so much delay in the ferry ride itself.


[3. Bus from Surat Thani to Surat Thani Station, and Then Waiting]

Once we got off the ferry, we saw multiples buses for a respectively different location. Our bus was the one for Surat Thani Station.

The bus arrived at the station around 3:30 p.m. but our train was scheduled to leave at 9:05 p.m. – so much waiting time!

There is almost nothing around the station. The ticket pick-up place and a couple of places next to it serve food and drinks, and that’s it.

We had beer, snacks, and dinner. Still there was so much time to kill!

The pictures below show how dark it became from the time we arrived, to the time before we were about to move from the eatery to the station.


[4. First Class Sleeper from Surat Thani Station to Hua Lamphong Station]

Thirty to forty minutes before the scheduled time, we moved from the eatery to the platform. Walking around the platform, we found some food stands there too.

Food stand on the platform

Announcement at the station was mostly in Thai and occasionally in English. But it was hard for most tourists to understand even English.

Our train came late more than an hour.

I remembered some websites saying we should make sure to see if we are getting on the right train because trains in Thailand often delay. As expected, there was a local train before ours, which was a bit confusing in terms of timing.

The pictures below show inside the train.

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The train was relatively well-equipped and clean.

There were double-bunk beds, a small wash basin, glasses, toothbrushes, blankets, and pillows.

We plugged the outlet of the wash basin with a plastic bag because noise coming through it was loud.

Next morning, about 90 minutes before arrival, a train staff knocked the door to wake us up. Then, he came back again to change the beds back to a chair. He took away the blankets, pillows, and glasses. Apparently, cleaning started already!

Some stations before Hua Lamphong Station, the train slowed down, and finally arrived after 9 a.m.



[After Arrival at Hua Lamphong Station]

The station has showers, but we decided to look for and found an available room at a guest house for a day before the flight. It was a good idea because we were able to use it as kind of like a shower/powder/locker room – to take a shower, brush teeth, take a break, and leave the bags while we were strolling around Bangkok. I don’t remember the exact price but it was cheap, somewhere around 300 to 400 bahts.


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